Utah Partners for Health

Utah Partners for Health’s mission is: to provide compassionate, comprehensive, quality care to empower underserved individuals, families and communities in a patient centered medical home. Our passion is to fill gaps in Utah's healthcare system. Our three-model approach is unique; we work with community and medical partners to offer free mobile medical and eye care clinic outreach programs; low-cost partnering-clinic care; and our FQHC Mid-Valley Health Clinic in Midvale offering medical, behavioral health and dental care utilizing a sliding fee discount program. Utah Partners for Health offers three models of care to help underserved populations gain access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Model 1 – Partnering Clinics - We partner with for-profit clinics and healthcare providers who donate an average of 69% of their customary billing to our patients. These individuals and their families qualify for this program based on where they live, how many people live in the household and what the monthly or annual household income is (used to determine federal poverty level). This model allows us to leverage our donations to over $6.79 in healthcare provided for every $1.00 donated to direct services. Patients make a small co-payment (as if they had insurance), paying an average of 16% of the total healthcare bill. UPFH funds the remaining 15%. This is a viable and inexpensive option for patients needing primary care services, and often keeps them away from unnecessary emergency room visits. 95% of requests for care can be filled on a same or next day basis.

Model 2 - Mobile Medical and Vision Clinics - We take these care clinics around to 34 community based organization locations and Title 1 schools to give free access to health and vision care for individuals, families and communities that face transportation barriers in addition to other barriers of being low-income and lacking insurance. Patients receive free exams for acute, chronic, or mental health illnesses. Mobile Clinic Program clients typically would have used the emergency room or not sought care due to cost, transportation, or lack of understanding of the healthcare system. There are currently no mobile medical clinics of this sort in operation in Utah.

Model 3 - Mid-Valley Health Clinic - A patient-centered medical home located in Midvale, Utah opened in November 2013 to serve this federally designated Medically Underserved and Provider Shortage Area and offer quality patient care at a discounted rate using a sliding fee scale. The Mid-Valley Health Clinic (MVHC), located in Midvale, UT., serves a target population designated as a federal primary care shortage area. 100% of the target population is considered low to moderate income. MVHC operates 6 days a week offering extended evening and Saturday hours in addition to a sliding fee discount, based on proof of income, to those patients without insurance

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